☆ hai! ^x^ i'm bunny! an artist, lover of fashion, and everything pink!


witch + queer + neurodivergent

i luv mai special interests and mai art! mai fave muzick is happy hardcore/rave, dnb, jazz, pink, romantic goth, and punk (^.o)♫


☆ general info ☆

the pronouns i use mainly r it/its, she/he, angel/angelwing, frill/frills, and lap/lapin ! ! i switch but it doeznt rlly matter ? az long az u use theze idgaf (/-_-)/

my FAVE fashion style is agejo and hime gyaru!

☆ fave songs right now: cobra: you don't know me -- lisa loeb ☆


☆ random ☆

★ projects i'm currently working on: Party Animalz, Tourniquet, this blog LOL

★ my fave game is sam and max: hit the road ! ! SAM AND MAX FANZ RIIIIISE to my blog plz

★ i love tea. wont ever stop drinking tea. (@ o @)

★ i collect furbies, mlp, tmnt, and decoden!