☆🌈 hello! i’m bunny! i’m a 17 year old, american, freelance artist and my goal is to make this my full-time job. 🍀 i make lots of art! it ranges from super kawaii, to dramatic, to just plain silly! some of my work is based off of cartoons i love, but otherwise it’s my original characters and inspired pieces. 🐰 i’m able to replicate lots of styles! my favorite is anime-like, cartoon cool (think craig mccracken, lauren faust, rob renzetti!), and general cute round stuff. though, personally, i usually opt for a cartoony-painty style. 💕 i specialize in ponies, people, anthro animals, colors, and character creation! ε٩(๑^ ₃ ^)۶з thank you for listening! dont be afraid to contact me 🎀 [mintchip228@gmail.com]


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Art Examples [WIP]

Original Characters and Work:

Party Animalz is a project about colorful, imaginary creatures like 'rainbow tigers,' the 'rabbit fae,' and the 'cockatrice.' All these fantastical creatures live in harmony amongst each other, in one small town. Party Animalz focuses on one particular group of beasts experiencing a larger lust for life than their already dazzling world.

A collection of work I've used as practice or warm-ups.

Random work I've done. Characters I don't plan on using, WIP's I won't finish, doodles.

Fan Art and Stories:

TMNT has been super important to me and my sisters. I've always extremely related to being the oldest of four, like Leo. Ever since my eyes laid upon him on a fateful day in 2012, I was hooked. Each iteration has a place in my heart and the fandom has created a beautiful place. There's something so important about the focus of familial dynamics in media, especially if they're odd, shunned, and traumatized. Don't worry, though! I indulge in the fluff, too. TMNT has inspired such a large portion of the emotional part in my artwork, it would never be the same without it. Also taught me how to draw muscles!

My Little Pony is my biggest inspiration in life, art, and fashion/decoration. Each generation has a place in my heart, every single one has had an impact on me in some way. I grew up with Friendship is Magic's beautiful storytelling and lessons, G3 blessed me with its slice-of-life sense of direction and character design, Mon Petit Pony gave MLP such a beautiful twist in toys and roles (a jester horse princess is one of THE best things ever thought up of), and G1 started it all with interesting magical abilities and fantastical, odd, worldbuilding. Lauren Faust and Lyn Fletcher especially has had a 'hoof' in influencing my style, directly inspired by their whimsical work. I have grown up with these shows/movies/comics, and I don't think I'll ever grow out of it.

Sam and Max were angels to my 9 year old brain. The way they talked and walked fascinated me. As soon as you see them, it's like you're transported to another world where everyone knows more words and old movies than you. It's awesome! Not to mention the knack for cartoony violence, guns ablaze. They've changed the way I think and speak! Steve Purcell is an absolute genius, the way he draws and where he draws it is so naturally creative and has had a hardcore impact on the way I move my characters and what I build around them.

Wander Over Yonder was a blessing to me. The silliness, messages, worldbuilding, and characters are just pure goodness. The dynamics and depth they had, below that cartoony slapstick exterior, sparked a huge interest in me. It made me WANT to learn about the little things in characters, their background, their galaxy, the things you don't tell everybody-- the stuff you let them figure out. It's wonderful. One character in particular, Lord Dominator, changed me. I had never seen a villainess like her before, and you rarely see fictional 'pure evil' in media beyond super hero films and comic books. Craig Mccracken's character opened my eyes to all the possibilities and limits my characters could go through, or do to others. I could have villains without a backstory thrown in your face, I could have someone truly evil, but have depth without wearing tights or clown makeup..

TMNT: Tourniquet is my personal fan-made alternate universe I made to play around with ideas I've always had for the franchise. That emo turtles drawing I made in 2016? Wanted them to be colorful and pop out due to radiation/mutation? That fic where I wrote them in the southern countryside rather than New York? All of those: Done! As I'm writing this I haven't posted much about this AU yet, but just wait! I've got big plans, hehe!