huuge gyaru list/resource :3

hello lizzie bee haz lotz of diy'z, how-to'z, and interviewz on her blog!

some gyaru fax n resources! i haven't looked through ALL of this so take it with a grain of salt!!

gyaru films/cartoons/reads!

papillion, a gaijin gyaru magazine!

GYARU BRAND NAMES MASTERLIST, categorized by style!

gyaru slang! some have been translated into ennglish from japanese, and not ALL slang i've heard is there but it's got some i didn't know abt!!

ultimately, my tips are: i would watch any haruka tutorial or tip video, don't trust tik tok for info, read screens/magazines (gaijin or not), watch older yt videos and tutorials (a lot of people have been confusing douyin, dolly, and gyaru so they lump them into the same name for the tut.) look up DIY's on pinterest, and don't buy from shein!!