(^3^) hello, hai! welcome 2 my blog -- dis is where i online journal! thx 4 reading!


woowww ☆ its been so long since ive updated lolz!! i've finally gotten around to polishing the site.. it needzzz new graphix but otherwise i'm glad i've organized it (^3^);

been up to a LOT. i'm persuing art az MORE than a hobby, getting my stuff together, working on my EVERYTHING basically. so so so happie i've gotten 2 my blog. this place iz everythang 2 me!!

i'll update y'all a bit more later on, js know i haven't abandoned mai little angelic freakz ♥(/*w*)/

P.S. holy BALLZ sum of thiz is OLDD!! i deleted old old entries frum like... 2 summerz ago.. woaaawww!!


ahh ✩ just made super gud oatmeal n eating it as i write rn!! i worked out dis morning cuz i wanna b super strong so i needed a tasty meal!! anyhowzz i had a dream abt living in a new houze... im gonna make it a reality methinkz tbh! ♫ imagine: a little cottage or house or whatevz and a HUUUUGE backyard! my 5 chickens? they now have, lyke, 10 other sisterz! (o.0) and therez cowz n horsezzz??? lyke HELLO!! best dream ever =^x^=... well besidez da onez where im lyke.. with alienz or apart of the freddy-fazbear mafia but why bother compare anywayz? ♥︎(x-x)

anyhow.. madonna and jack-off-jill r my favez 2 listen 2 recently. ZOMG and u guyz HAVE 2 check out fangbanger!!! SOOOO gud! ♫ i think my fave from them izzz malice in wonderland. they pair rlly well w/ schoolyard heroez so ADD BOTH!!!! tee-hee! ^o^

thatz all 4 now mai jolly, oozing, little sprinkle-infested cupcakes!!! (been trying 2 up my wurd game recently! *x*) HUGZ N KISSEZ xoxo


yay ♫ ! ! happy im finally keeping up with my blog . . =^x^= tee-hee!

anywayz! juzt here 2 chit-chat! so letz get in2 it!

(-x-) so sleepy . . . all my time haz been going in2 work and furby hacking lawlz ♪ family and friendz have been wayyy 2 stressy 4 me!! im lyke VERY hare-brained..! literally!! ive been playing therapist with everyone i know and that iz mai leaaaaast fave playtime activity!! teehehe ; ^.^ UMM but on the bright side... im going 2 an antique shop tomorrow n ill deffo share pix if i find anything interesting!! (^o^) [insert CONFETTI n yayz! ^.^]

soso happy juzt 2 be in my RECENTLY deep cleaned room! donated a buncha clothez n had lotz of cat hair on me! [achoo! (@_@)] yayaya! but now mai poniez look so PRETTY!!! n perf on their cleaned-up shelf! finally moved them out of dat POOR dusty clozet... (^.^)!

KK signing off . . . ! ♫ thank u shooooo much 4 reading mai cupcakezz!! . . (^x^)o bai bai ! ! will talk 2 u more when i hack mai furby!


✩ spent so much time blogging n editing mai spacehey today!! tryna make dis webzite look a little moar jazzy ^///^ ✩

i need 2 go shopping 4 necessitiez soon (>o.O)>

ahh . . . thank yuu 4 anyone reading dizzz ! ! ^x^o ♫ srry it waz a bit small! tee-hee! *w*